Manuscript critiques

A manuscript critique takes a big-picture, or macro, approach to your book. Via margin notes and a detailed editorial letter, we assess your craft, structure, and marketability, and give you a revision road map. Better than a beta read, this is an especially useful approach if you’ve recently finished a draft and now feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees. You need clear, constructive feedback from an editor who understands your vision and who knows how to align your intentions with your reader’s expectations.

What we do:

• Perform a close, critical reading of your book

• Notate the manuscript with questions, comments, and suggestions

• Integrate feedback into a comprehensive editorial letter

• For nonfiction: Consider structure, flow, clarity of ideas, and strength of argument

• For fiction: Assess plot, characterization, pacing, theme, and tone

• Research comparable titles and offer suggestions for positioning or pitch

• Offer a revision road map

Time frame: 2-4 weeks

Need a more comprehensive approach? Check out developmental editing