Line editing

If you’re looking for a professional polish but also want to give your writing some extra oomph, a line edit is the way to go. Our approach is unique in that we take the same meticulous approach we do during copyediting—addressing mechanics like spelling, grammar, and punctuation—but we then go one step further by giving your line-by-line language a stand-out-in-a-crowd boost.

What we do:

• Perform a thorough copyedit

• Prepare a project style sheet

• Enhance line-by-line flow

• Tighten wordy passages

• Smooth out awkward constructions

Improve word choice and eliminate redundancy

Like copyediting, line editing is a two-step process. After the initial edit, you have a chance to review the text and style sheet. We then perform what’s called “cleanup” by streamlining the edits and ensuring that all queries have been addressed, so that the final manuscript we deliver to you is redline-free and ready for proofreading.

Time frame: 3-4 weeks