Book Production

If you’re planning to publish independently, you’ll have a lot of choices to make along the way: How will you price your book? What size and format will it be? Which tools will you use to self-publish? Who will design your jacket, format your interior, and help you tell the world about your work? How can you make your book look great and attract readers?

We’re here to make the process of self-publishing painless and to help you make your book stand out in a competitive marketplace. Our book production packages give you a clear path to publishing based on your specific goals and needs.

What we do:

• Consider your priorities, goals, and budget

• Help you assemble your publishing team: the best talent within your budget

• Function as the hub for your publishing team (designer, formatter, publicist, etc.)

• Create a project calendar with dates for specific deliverables

• Help you understand your options: which platform to use, how to price your book, etc.

• Traffic your project materials between your team members and ensure QA at each stage of the process

•Gather the essentials for self-publication: ISBNs, barcodes, etc.

• Polish your jacket and marketing copy

• Upload your finished book to your publishing platforms and help you distribute it

Ready for painless self-publishing? Contact us for a package that’s custom tailored to your needs.