Think of proofreading as the last line of defense against typos and other sneaky snafus. Not to be confused with copyediting, proofreading is the final round of review before a book is ready for readers. A proofreader uses the style sheet created during copyediting as a guide and methodically makes her way through a manuscript, catching any lingering typos or inconsistencies along the way. Because a style sheet is so important to a proofreader’s process, we recommend this approach only for authors whose books have already been copyedited

For physical books (hardcover or paperback), proofreading once a manuscript has been formatted and designed, in a PDF, is the best way to catch layout issues as well as typos. For eBooks, this process can take place prior to formatting or in EPUB or MOBI files. We can also proof in Microsoft Word.

What we do:

• Ensure consistency with the style sheet

• Catch typos, stray punctuation, and spacing issues

• Identify formatting and design inconsistencies

• Double-check cross references

• Confirm consistent, sequential chapter titles and numbering
Time frame: 2-3 weeks